Welcome to North Texas Gastrointestinal Associates P.A.

Our philosophy is based on two principles:

The first is that a physician is only as good as his or her next patient feels that he or she is. While good training and experience provide confidence and competence, adherence to this principle assures humility and caution in day-to-day practice. The second principle is that the patient will provide the physician with the diagnosis through a history and physical examination 80% of the time. Appropriate and cost effective testing is an important tool in medical diagnosis and management. However, the results may be misleading or even wrong if not seen in a proper clinical context. Adherence to this principle means spending time with the patient. To us, it means seeing a Gastroenterologist every time you have an appointment. We do not run a high-volume operation. Our goal is to make your wait worthwhile.

We are committed to the independent practice of traditional fee-for-service medicine. We are ethically bound to provide appropriate care to our patients from the time physicians take the Hippocratic Oath, so we do not wish to be compensated for denying or limiting your access to care. We believe that we should represent our patients’ interests only, not those of an employer or government entity. We believe that the practice of medicine is an art. It is a complex fusion of science, experience, intuition and compassion. We strive to be the best that we can be in serving you. Thank you for considering us for your care.

Insurance Information We accept most major types of insurance. Please call (940) 566-4720 to confirm that we accept your insurance plan and network status. You will be charged your designated insurance co-pay amount at the time of your visit.
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