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Financial Policy
We are dedicated to providing the best possible care and service to you and regard your complete understanding of your financial responsibilities as an essential element of your care and treatment.

Unless other arrangements have been made in advance by either you or your health insurance carrier, we require full payment at the time of service. For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards, cash or local check.


  • We have contracts with many major insurance carriers to accept an assignment of benefits. This means that we bill those plans for which we have an agreement and will require you to pay the authorized copayment at the time of service. This office’s policy is to collect this copayment when you arrive for your appointment.

  • If you have insurance coverage with an insurance plan for which we do not have a contract with, we will send a claim for you on an unassigned basis. Consequently, you will have a higher than usual out of pocket expense and the charges for your care are due at the time of service.

  • In the event your health plan determines a service as “non-covered” you will be responsible for the complete charge. Payment is due upon receipt of statement from our office.

  • We will bill your health plan for all services provided in the hospital, whether done inpatient or outpatient. Any balance due is your responsibility and is due upon receipt of a statement from our office.
Insurance Information We accept most major types of insurance. Please call (940) 566-4720 to confirm that we accept your insurance plan and network status. You will be charged your designated insurance co-pay amount at the time of your visit.
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