Office Evaluation

Office Evaluation

An evaluation that is designed to discuss new or existing health issues, concerns, worries, or symptoms. The provider may order tests, prescribe medication, and provide advice and education.


A colonoscopy is a procedure that uses a scope to examine for abnormal growths in the colon and rectum. In order to properly prepare for this test, patients must follow a “bowel prep kit” prior to the procedure. These are done at the Baylor SurgiCare center in Denton.

Upper Endoscopy

An upper endoscopy is a procedure that uses a scope to visually examine your upper digestive system. This procedure is done at the Baylor SurgiCare center in Denton.


Telemedicine is a general term that is used to that covers all of the ways you and your doctor can use technology to communicate without physically being in the same room. It typically consists of a Facetime/Google Duo call, depending on the type of phone the patient has. This service can be used to receive an evaluation instead of coming into the office physically, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hydrogen Breath Test

The hydrogen breath test is a test that uses the measurement of hydrogen in the breath to diagnose several conditions that cause gastrointestinal symptoms. There are three breath tests that we do in the office; Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Fructose, and Lactose.

Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid banding, also called rubber band ligation, is a method of treatment for hemorrhoids that do not respond to home treatments. It is a minimally invasive technique that involves tying the base of the hemorrhoid with a rubber band to stop blood flow to the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid bandings are done in the office and the process typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete.


The FibroScan is a specialized ultrasound machine that examines the condition of your liver. It measures the levels of stiffness, fattiness, and scarring in your liver. The procedure is painless and non-invasive, and typically takes 10-20 minutes to complete.